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Our Digital Shortlists give you everything in one place

Screening candidates goes beyond virtual interviews on Teams or in-person interviews with limited notes.

Introducing Talent Dashboards

Revolutionising your Shortlisting and candidate review process with DukeMed

* After our thorough candidate screening competency based interviews, the real value emerges in our shortlisting capability.

* Say hello to your co-branded "Talent Dashboard" portal. No more resume shuffling or lost email attachments.

* Your hiring team and stakeholders collaborating in the hiring process can leave and view comments, introductory applicant profile videos, and highlight standout candidates.

* It's all there in one password protected location to ease your review and decision making process collaboratively including attached files such as digital references.

*We can collect and request any other essential documents to include against each candidate profile.

* Streamline your decision making process with likes, comments, callbacks, and interview requests, all in real time with your internal stakeholders.

Experience DukeMed's streamlined digital shortlisting for swift, precise talent acquisition hiring workflow.

Ready to have less lost in translation with emailed candidate profiles? ​

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Let DukeMed help deliver efficiency without compromising on quality in your hiring process.

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