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We work with you in different ways depending on the circumstances.

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When we apply a Search Partnership model

Retained search partnership is our professional 'Headhunting Service.'

For easy-to-fill, everyday hires, we provide exclusive contingent recruitment services and, in many cases, contingent recruitment works.

You’ll be familiar with this; it’s a "no-win, no-fee service", often in competition with other suppliers, with no real commitment on either side.

It often works relatively well for straightforward or low-level positions.

​However, when things get more challenging, whether it’s a difficult location, niche skillset, hard to fill or for senior, confidential, and 'multiple hires’ or if time-sensitive or issues with brand perception - We always apply a 'Retained Search Methodology.’

Some additional financial commitment enables us to apply a robust and exhaustive search process by investing the time and resources to ensure we reach a result on a search mandate.

Our priority is to support you until the appointment is made using a robust and proven process without holes.

Your hiring or talent acquisition problem becomes shared till the end in reaching a result.

With DukeMed's search expertise and empathy for what you are aiming to achieve but have not been able to for specific circumstances you will not be alone in facing your talent acquisition challenges.

The market for talent has changed, but we are here to help you be confident that you are making the hire from the best of the talent available to you at this time.

Does your talent acquisition or hiring project fall into one or more of these scenarios?​
Iceberg graphic to explain talent pool hiring challenges

The difference between "no -win, no-fee" and Retained Search Partnership

Making the best impression wins when competing for talent post-Covid.

Too many roles handled at once

Recruiters typically handle 5 to 15 contingent jobs simultaneously and prioritise them by grading. The easiest fills get the most attention, as "fastest finger first" becomes the priority to find a match, introduce and move on.

Diluted effort

Hard-to-fill positions, especially those with multiple agencies working on them, tend to receive the lowest grading to avoid duplicating efforts and diluting results.

Insufficient time to headhunt the entire talent pool

Unfortunately, many candidates who do not respond to initial approaches are not engaged on a contingent basis, as it takes too long to headhunt them.

This is a significant loss, as 70% of every talent pool falls into this category. Every candidate is valuable as they may be suitable for future positions or can provide referrals.


Just like when there are multiple for-sale signs on a property, it affects the buyer's perception.

Similarly, only 30% of candidates are engaged on a contingent basis, and approaching them through multiple agencies can result in poor impressions and wasted recruiter efforts.

Every candidate conversation is precious in this market.
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At DukeMed, we specialise in solving your specific "hiring headaches" or talent acquisition roadblocks.

We feel compelled to go beyond providing a candidate or simply finding a resume.

Allow us to demonstrate the effectiveness of our retained Search Partnership approach;

Guaranteed Result

Not just any result but the best available to you now in your market. No guesswork on who else might be available when in reality they may never exist, be available or want to join your organisation. You have a market map, live data and insights to execute your shortlist ( and hire ) decision in complete confidence just like us.

No additional cost

We offer Economies of scale for larger projects in addition to delivering single search mandates.


Hands-down is the fastest way of making a hire. Our planning and preparation ahead of time and communication means you don't need to go back to square one with multiple recruiters recycling the same list.


More than interviews, Search Partnership becomes a strategic talent Marketing exercise for current and future hires. 

Market Intelligence

Live and accurate. We collect what you need regarding Compensation, Benefits and Employer Reputation. You can be certain of where you stand in the market versus your direct competition.


A better process for all involved.  There's three groups in a successful appointment and we feel compelled to provide a more detailed, thorough and enjoyable process for all.

You are not alone when hiring gets challenging or obstacles come your way.

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