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Discover the benefits of Video Messaging in your next hiring search.

​Our video messaging tools get attention and create an immediate connection in crowded talent pools.

Video messaging tools help us to cut through the noise experienced in our busy lives and crucially increase engagement vs traditional communication methods.

  • In our continual search for the best available talent we use clever recruitment technology like video messaging throughout our hiring process.

  • Engaging sought-after candidates for you when engaged in a search and hiring is often the most time-consuming part of a recruiter’s job, with a lot of time and effort spent for little return using traditional contact methods - after all who picks up th phone to a strange number today?

  • That’s why we use ODRO Capture™, an instant HD video messaging tool proven to dramatically increase response rates and positive reactions.

  • A Capture message is an innovative communication tool in DukeMed's workflow to create personalised video messages that really cut through the noise and showcase our client's company's culture and values.

  • Diagram of where video fits into our recruitment process

Interviewing is only part of the story at DukeMed.

Are you finding it increasingly difficult to communicate your Employer Value Proposition ( EVP ) to potential candidates in a sea of emails, missed calls and boilerplate InMail?

Let DukeMed help deliver hiring efficiency without compromising on quality in your hiring process with our video messaging capability to cut through the noise.

Kickstart your hiring with us today using Calendly to plan an initial discovery call, or contact us on 02 7912 1168 to discuss your specific challenge.