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Make an impactful contribution to orthopaedic excellence.

​​​​Dukemed excels in connecting top-tier talent and leading employers within the dynamic field of Orthopaedics.

​Whether you seek skilled professionals or are a candidate looking to advance your career, we specialise in the recruitment of experts spanning joint replacement, trauma surgery, spine, biologics, regenerative medicine and musculoskeletal innovation.
Trust Dukemed to help you navigate the nuanced landscape of Orthopaedics, ensuring you find the perfect match to elevate your team or career path to new heights.


Below are the four functional areas and specific role types we specialise in at DukeMed.

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  • Dukemed - sales - growth

    Sales roles

    Securing the right sales talent is critical to your business.
    We put in the hard yards to get it right first time.

    Account Managers
    Your liaison between clients and medical organisation stakeholders, both clinical and non-clinical.

    Product Specialists
    Support your products and maintain relationships with surgeons and other stakeholders in the Operating Room.

    Territory Managers
    Manage your sales and cultivate customers across an area.

    Business Development Managers
    Develop your business solutions to achieve enhanced strategic and tactical outcomes.

    Sales Specialists
    Grow your sales in your specialist area.

    Assistant / Junior Territory Managers
    Enhance your territory management team with a supporting resource who can learn and grow to a full sales position.

    Sales Consultants
    Promote and sell your orthopaedics portfolio to surgeons, clinics, private healthcare facilities, and public hospitals.

  • marketing - DukeMed - promotion - outreach - product

    Marketing roles

    We know that marketing grows your business.
    That’s why we’ll always find you the right candidates to suit your requirements.

    Product Managers
    Grow and manage your product portfolio through their lifecycle plus deliver in-field marketing support.

    Marketing Managers
    Create clinical awareness and marketing strategies for your specific products and team leadership.

    Associate Marketing
    Help collect data, forecast trends and ensure your customer satisfaction.

    Brand Managers
    Develop and lead your brand strategy.

    Medical Education Managers
    Provide medical expertise and clinical leadership in the delivery of medical education to health care professionals.

  • Leadership - Dukemed - collaboration - team

    Leadership roles

    You need the right leaders for your business in this environment.
    We know the importance of choosing the best leaders who can help your business grow and your sales soar.

    Regional Sales Manager / State Manager
    First line leadership and coaching for your orthopaedic sales organisation.

    National Sales Managers
    Manage your national sales strategy and ensure your sales force achieves revenue and expense targets.

    Sales Directors
    Manage all your company’s sales and field team.

    Commercial Leaders
    Inspire, motivate and encourage your people to achieve your visionary goals.

    General Managers / Country Managers
    Oversee all aspects of your orthopaedics organisation or subsidiary.

    Sales Training Managers
    Provide sales excellence training to your field sales staff.

  • clinical - support - medical - DukeMed

    Clinical roles

    It’s important to support your clinical healthcare professionals with the right education and training to keep them at the top of their game.

    Clinical Support Specialists
    Assist medical professionals in clinical settings, including operating theatres, and other core hospital departments.

    Product Specialists
    Plan, coordinate and implement clinical evaluations to ensure acceptance of your medical products.

    Nurse Educators
    Teach nurses who work in healthcare facilities to use your medical products and devices correctly and safely through hosting in-services and clinical workshops.

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Ensuring the right fit for you in Orthopaedics

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