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About Richard

​Richard Duke, founder of DukeMed, grew up in Northern Ireland, without knowing what his future held. But from the time he was halfway through his degree course at University in Leeds, he knew he wanted to be a recruiter. Everything he did from then on was with recruiting in mind.
In the workforce, he hit the area of MedTech recruiting, and learnt fast on the job. Then Australia beckoned, and Richard flew with his wife to Sydney, where he set up a medical device practice for a growing executive recruitment company, which served his interests well for many years.
That role provided Richard with the long-term ambition to start DukeMed. But Richard had some sports and outdoor activities to get out of his system first, among them Enduro mountain bike racing in France, Italy, New Zealand, and lastly Chile.
That was followed later during Covid by a 70-day overland camping trip through Outback QLD, the Top End and the Gulf.
Then it was time to set up DukeMed. Richard’s passion for MedTech recruitment and his love of mountain biking, fitness, and getting outdoors, gave his life an important balance, combined with the joy of growing his family.
​Of recruiting, Richard says, “Recruiting should be personal; it should be tailored and not just go through the motions in a transactional manner.”
And that’s just what you get with DukeMed. The personal touch – all the way.

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So, if you want to partner with a specialist MedTech search and recruiting firm that listens deeply and gets the right fit, we’d love to hear from you.