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Digital References automate our background checks

Our clients can now Hire better, faster and more intelligently.

At DukeMed, we use Vitay’s automated digital reference-checking platform so you can save time and receive accurate feedback, leaving "nothing lost in translation" whilst executing your important hiring checks.

  • Vitay’s mobile friendly ( or desktop ) automated reference check platform allows us to quickly request references within minutes and receive feedback within 24 hours or less typically as referee's can respond on the most convenient device.

  • You no longer have to wait days to reference-check the perfect candidate through endless phone-tag with busy referee's - even Medical Professionals eg busy surgeons or ICU specialists are more responsive and accessible using this tool.

  • Referee's can complete in their schedule, outside of business hours regardless of geographic location.

  • With digital referencing technology embedded in our Search Partnership workflow at DukeMed, after submitting the best quality candidates to you through our Talent Dashboard shortlist portal, you can confidently interview, verify their referee endorsements and hire - all with minimal delay and maintain accuracy.

The value of our reference checking

Faster responses, multiple checks

More feedback faster - we can request multiple references in a fraction of the time it used to carry out 1 manual check.

Tailored question sets

Our Digital reference platform allows us to create bespoke question sets tailored to your provide specific insights for your unique hiring background checks.

Secure communication and updates

Digital References provide rapid feedback via a secure, web & mobile friendly application. Reminders plus notifications for candidates shared once they are completed improving candidate experience.

Easy to review reporting

Receive detailed multi-reference analytics across combined reports on each candidate to give you a convenient summary in one place within our Talent Dashboard.

Watch the video below to learn more about the automated digital reference check technology used in our screening workflow.

​Is the hiring process or decision-making let down by delays at the final step with references?

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We'll share with you how we can conclude your recruitment checks and balances with referees faster than before as part of our tailored hiring solution.

Let DukeMed help make the recruitment referencing process easy and efficient through our clever use of technology and our tailored solution.

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