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Hiring Manager Burnout: Causes, Symptoms, And How to Overcome It

Posted on 07 August 2023

Feeling exhausted, have a decrease in productivity, or are you cynical recently? You could be burnt out. 

Burnout is a common phenomenon. You could call it a pandemic if you like. It’s a state of complete mental, physical, and emotional exhaustion. In fact, according to Human Resources Director Australia, a recent global survey reflects burnout to be at an all-time high, with 42% of respondents saying they are experiencing burnout. 

No matter your role or the industry you work in - everyone is prone to experiencing burnout at some stage.  

For hiring managers, there are many variables at play that lead to burnout which we’ll cover in this article. 

So, without further ado, let’s shed some light on hiring manager burnout. 


The various triggers of Burnout for hiring managers

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Hiring Managers have one of the toughest jobs as they deal with the day-to-day demands and challenges of reviewing resumes, interviewing, and selecting candidates, while quickly adapting to the ever-changing industry demands and day-to-day responsibilities. Hiring Managers are in a constant state of go, go, go. They have multiple tabs open in the mind’s universe to deal with the long list of tasks they must tend to. 

Some of the most common triggers of burnout for hiring managers include: 

  • A lack of resources: to deal with the overwhelming number of applicants. 

  • The recruitment process: can be taxing as it involves many stages, from evaluating a pool of candidates to interviewing and the selection process. All the while worrying about whether you have the right candidate for the role. 

  • Analysis paralysis: as you go through interview after interview and evaluate all the variables during the decision-making process. Then finally, consider which candidate to select. All this can be mentally exhausting. 


Common burnout symptoms

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Some of the most common burnout symptoms include:

  • Constantly feeling demotivated.

  • A negative outlook towards your career.

  • A lack of productivity. 

  • A loss of focus on your work. 

  • Physical, mental, and emotional exhaustion beyond the usual daily kind. 

  • Mood swings.

  • A sense of detachment from family, friends and colleagues. 


How to prevent Burnout

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Burnout is a realistic outcome if you do not set yourself work-life boundaries. 

The good news is there are ways to recover from burnout. These include the following. 

  • Set attainable goals. 

  • Maintain work-life balance. 

  • Take time out for exercise and hobbies. 

  • Reevaluate your priorities. 

  • Take regular breaks during the day. 

  • Maintain a healthy, well-balanced diet. 

  • Get adequate sleep. 

  • Go on holiday. 

Reduce burnout during the hiring process with DukeMed’s future-forward solutions

If you’re a hiring manager reading this, we have a few tools and solutions to help you hire the MedTech industry’s top talent without the stress. 


1.      A search partnership model

Through the robust search process and over two decades of industry expertise, we work closely with you to successfully fill a position in a timely manner without compromising on quality.

Did you know most recruitment agencies offer the no-win no-fee model in which you are only presented with 30% of the available talent pool because it takes too long to headhunt?

Unlike the no-win no-fee model, through our search model, we approach each candidate systematically and professionally, using multiple methods, including professional headhunting, to generate as much interest in the opportunity as possible. Ultimately, you can be confident that you are selecting your hire from the entire talent pool available at that time. Thus, ensuring you hire the industry’s top talent before your competitors get a chance.

Here's a quick highlight of the benefits you can reap by using the DukeMed search partnership model.

  • We take the time to understand you and your organisational needs in a comprehensive briefing session.

  • Avoid the hassle of dealing with multiple agencies.

  • Complete transparency throughout the process.

  • Eliminate the frustrations of dealing with ill-prepared candidates.

  • Be 100% confident that you have access to the entire pool of candidates available at the time.

  • Avoid positions remaining open for a long time.

  • You can rest assured that we provide full confidentiality.

So, to stay on you’re a-game in this fast-changing MedTech industry and economic climate while avoiding burnout get in touch with us today and experience first-hand the benefits of DukeMed’s unique hiring solutions. 



2.      Clever use of the latest recruitment technology

At DukeMed, we ensure each stage of the hiring process flows seamlessly for you with our use of the latest technology. So, whether it’s our rigorous pre-screening process or automated referencing system, we work together with you to efficiently deliver high-quality, suitable candidates.

Some of the tools you can benefit from include: 

  • Video messaging: to capture attention, cut through the noise, and increase engagement. 

  • talent dashboard: sophisticated video interviewing software allowing you to review every bit of candidate information in one place while interacting directly with the candidate. 

Automated referencing:  enabling you to request references within 60 seconds and receive feedback within 24 hours. 

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