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Top 5: MedTech and recruitment articles in 2022

Posted on 11 December 2022

​From handling stress when looking for a job to writing the perfect resume and advice on transitioning from one industry to another, we’ve talked about a lot this year. Truth be told, I love sharing tips, news, and information with you. Even more, I love hearing what you have to say in response - both the good and the bad. Thankfully the feedback has been mostly positive! As the DukeMed library of valuable information continues to grow into 2023, let’s take a quick look at the top five articles everyone has enjoyed reading this year.

The top five articles in 2022

1. Making the move from Pharma to medical devices

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It appears that there are many people looking for a career change.

Last year the article - Let’s talk about career change: allied health to corporate – was in the top six of the most-read blogs. This year hitting the top spot is another one of our articles on career transitioning. Chock full of tips and advice to guide you on making the move from pharma to medical, it’s an article you don't want to miss!

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2. Bring the team together this Easter: four employee engagement ideas

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There’s no doubt that team-building exercises are valuable for a happy, healthy work environment, but they can also be fun! Post-COVID working styles may appear different. Some people work from home, some opt for hybrid work, and others are back in the office. But there are still ways in which you can bring the team together and have some fun over Easter. So, go ahead and check out some of the fun Easter team-building ideas so you can celebrate the holidays as a team.

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3. How to decide when you receive a counteroffer

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Famed for helping a few candidates make an intuitive decision upon receiving counteroffers, there’s no surprise why this one is in the top three. Among the countless decisions we make daily, having to decide what to do when you receive a counteroffer from your current boss can be confusing. You’re left wondering should I accept? Or should I go for the job I’ve worked hard to find?

To help you along, in this article, I dig a little deeper and consider a few questions to ask yourself before you before taking a step in either direction.

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4. Three ways DukeMed makes recruitment easier for you

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We’re all seeking quicker, easier, more efficient, and reliable ways of doing things, whether that’s learning to cook, fixing something, studying, or recruiting. No matter the position, at DukeMed, we’ll find out just what makes you tick. An understanding of your culture. Your focus. The type of employees you want. Are you wondering how we do this? Well, read the article to find out.

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5. Tips to avoid losing the perfect candidate to a counteroffer

A hiring manager giving an employee agreement

Last but not least, on the top five most-read articles! No surprises here. While candidates seek ways to make the best decision upon receiving counteroffers, hiring managers are researching strategies on how to avoid losing candidates to counteroffers. After all, certain characteristics and expertise are extremely hard to find. So, when you do find ‘the one,’ you’ll want to do whatever it takes to keep them. In this article, you can find advice and tips to help you avoid losing that rockstar candidate to a counteroffer.

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