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Bring the team together this Easter: four employee engagement ideas

Posted on 07 April 2022

​There’s no doubt that team-building exercises are not only valuable for a happy, healthy work environment, but they can also be extremely fun!

While post-COVID working styles may appear different, with some people working from home, some opting for hybrid work, and others back in the office, there are still ways in which you can bring the team together and have some fun this Easter.

So, without further ado, let’s check out some of the fun Easter team-building ideas so you can celebrate the holidays as a team.

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Four Easter team-building activities

1.    The classic egg and spoon relay race

This one is for all those back in the office or willing to get together outdoors.

The classic egg and spoon relay race is one of the most fun Easter-themed team-building activitie. If you’re not familiar with it, let me explain how it works.

·       Firstly split participants into teams of three or four and give each team an uncooked egg and spoon.

·       The team members must balance the egg on the spoon and pass it on to the next teammate without dropping or breaking the egg. If the egg drops or breaks, the team must start over.

·       The first team to cross the finishing line with the egg intact wins the race.

Green egg on a spoon

2.    Office Easter egg hunt

Here’s another one for teams that are back in the office to get you bonding again. Who said Easter egg hunts are for children only? Adults can play this game too!

Whether you opt to use chocolate eggs, hen’s eggs, or paper cut-outs of decorated Easter eggs, hide them in obvious and non-obvious spots around the office. Split participants into teams of two or more and provide them with a list of clues for each one. The team that finds the most eggs, or all, is the winner.

Easter egg hunt sign on a blue background surrounded by easter eggs.

3.    Easter trivia

In the office or virtually, trivia is always a fun idea. Create Easter-themed categories and questions; you might use an online trivia maker for this. Split participants into teams and challenge each one to answer the question. Participants can either submit answers through the online platform, fill out a form, or buzz in with an answer.

Trivia on a blue background with a laptop

4.    Team brunch

Food has always been a great way to bring people together. If you’re all good to meet out in the open, then why not book a nice restaurant or order some catering. If you are all still working from home, each team member could make some Easter-themed food to bring to the virtual brunch. While you’re at it, why not get creative to open the doors for some laughter and conversation.

There you have it, four simple employee engagement ideas to bring the team together this Easter.

Table with easter treats and snacks

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