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How do I become a medical sales rep?

Posted on 22 August 2022

So, you’ve decided to step into medical sales. But where to begin? I guess, firstly, you need to understand what medical sales is and what it involves. So, before we jump into the how, let’s consider the what.

 What does a medical sales rep do?

Medical sales representatives sell medical products such as prescription medication and medical devices. Clients will include


  • Doctors


  • Dentists


  • Nurses 


  • Pharmacists 


But there’s more to the job than meets the eye. As a medical sales rep, you’ll have to keep an eye on the current data and trends within your industry. You will need to know the product you are selling inside and out. Furthermore, there’s the challenge of getting an appointment with prospective clients in your territory. Once you do, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and give a mind-blowing presentation. 


Don’t let the challenges put you off because with these come the rewards. According to a recent report by Medreps in 2021, “Overall medical sales salaries increased year-over-year by 2.64%.” Results reflected the average base salary to be $104,649 with bonuses of up to $79,682.


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4 steps to becoming a medical sales rep

Now that we’ve covered the what - let’s answer the all-important question of how you can get into medical sales, with and without previous experience. 


1.     Get related education and training.

To get into medical sales - you don’t necessarily need a medical-related degree. Some reps come from a marketing background. In saying that, it’s always good to get clued up before applying for a position. So look into online training courses and get your hands on some sales books

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2.     Choose a specialty

Medical sales offer a vast array of career paths to choose from. So, before you eenie, meenie, my and mo, and pick a subject randomly, carefully consider where your interests lie. For example, medical devices might be the right path for you if you're into sports medicine. Remember, you’re more likely to have a more rewarding career if you follow your passion.

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3.     Start networking
As the saying goes, it’s not what you know. It’s who you know.Therefore, start networking. Whether you prefer to visit events or connect online, networking is an essential part of professional growth and opportunity. Here’s a little tip: connect with prospective employers on LinkedIn. Not only are a lot of employers seeking candidates on this platform but it’s a great way to connect and get your name out there. If you’re still hesitant, check out these seven steps to becoming a networking expert.

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4.     Get some field experience
Don’t have previous experience? Don’t worry. The medical sales industry highly regards transferrable skills. Either way, to show companies that you are passionate about medical sales, don’t just talk the talk - walk the walk. By this, I mean go out there and gain some hands-on industry experience by shadowing a rep in the field.


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The most important step – get started today!

If you’re eager to get your footing in the field of medical device sales, call DukeMed on +61279121168.


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