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10 recruitment strategies to hire the best talent in MedTech

Posted on 11 July 2022

Recruiting for the best talent can prove challenging at the best of times. These days, thanks to technology, we’re able to speed up the process and post jobs almost immediately. Yet, once the job posting is out in the big wide world there is the challenge of standing out amongst the crowd.


So, to help you shine and captivate the ideal candidate, here are a few tried and tested strategies. 

1.    Have a clear employer brand identity

Clearly knowing who you are and what you stand for will allow you to stand out from your competitors. This is the reason a candidate will want to work for you. It embodies your corporate culture, mission, and values. This is where employee reviews can help build your credibility as the ‘best place to work’ through words that support your brand identity.

Yellow branding idea bulb on blue background

2.    Create clear, concise, and engaging job posts that align with your brand identity

Write compelling job descriptions that grab instant attention and keep the candidate engaged. This is your opportunity to tell your brand story so make it

·       Specific and accurate – this will allow you to grab the attention of the right candidates.

·       Captivating – make it sound exciting. Tell it like a story instead of a list of responsibilities.

·       Relevant – include all the essentials

·       Concise – short and simple between 500 – 1500 words.

Make it easy written in white chalk on a blackboard

3.    Use social media to advertise continuously

Recruitment isn’t an area in which you advertise once and forget about it. It requires continuous communication. This is where social media is fantastic! Benefits include:

·       Schedule and post several posts to save time.

·       Encourage two-way conversation.

·       Reach a broader audience.

·       People who see the post may share it with someone they know is looking.

·       Provide a glimpse of your corporate culture through photos and videos.


A person using social media on their phone and laptop.

4.    Implement an employee referral program

Here’s a way to reward your staff and open a new avenue for finding the ideal candidate. With their positive word of mouth and connections, you’ll have a line of potential candidates to choose from.

Word of mouth referral growth chart.

5.    Consider recruiting at the university

Depending on the role you are recruiting for, an internship or a graduate position may be the way to go. The benefit of which is you can ‘try before you buy.’ The interns will be hungry for knowledge and experience. What’s more, internships are often unpaid or need very little financial investment.


Job fair blackboard

6.    Reach out to passive candidates

Why wait for a potential candidate to reach you when you can reach out to them. Even if the dream candidate is already in a job, they could be open to or are seeking a new opportunity. So, get in the driver’s seat. Send out the emails and LinkedIn messages and make the phone call.


A person using LinkedIn on their phone

7.    Consider internal recruitment

Often hiring managers invest time and money externally advertising a job. Only to find they had the perfect candidate sitting right under their nose. According to LinkedIn’s 2020 Global Talent Report, companies experience 41% longer employee tenure at companies with high internal hiring compared to those with low internal hiring. So, before you look outside the box, look within the organisation. This will save you a lot of time and money.


Now hiring, people waiting to interview.

8.    Screen and assess your talent

Speed up your recruitment process and hire better with reliable screening and shortlisting tools. DukeMed’s talent dashboard and automated referencing systems are your best friend when it comes to shortlisting and assessing talent.


Review grading

9.    Polish up your interview process

Interviews are a two-way street. While you’re interviewing candidates, they are assessing you. Make sure you make the process comfortable and inviting. Treat them like you would treat a customer and keep the channels of communication open both ways.


Woman shaking hands after at an interview

10.Implement a retention strategy

After hiring the ideal candidate, the next challenge is to keep them.

·       Follow through on the commitments you made during the hiring process.

·       Create and carry out effective performance management. Giving recognition where it is due.

·       Invest in training and provide growth opportunities.

According to LinkedIn’s 2020 Global Talent Report, 77% of companies focus on employee experience to increase retention.


Hire better together

Are you currently on the hunt for the perfect candidate?

We understand that finding and hiring the ideal candidate can take time. So, let DukeMed make the recruitment process easy and breezy for you.

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