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Introducing Talent Dashboards

Specialist video interview software to screen candidates is more than just interviewing online through Zoom, Teams, our ODRO Vision™️ room or our "one-way" SOLO interviews.
The part after the interview happens is where the real value sits in our shortlisting process.
  • Instead of sending you over resumes and trying to find a time to catch up with you to keep things moving, we send you a link to our co-branded portal aka "Talent Dashboard".
  • The Talent Dashboard will highlight our shortlisted candidate videos, resumes, salary info, notice period, references plus any other documents you want us to include, ready for review.
  • We can add comments from our conversations, an intro video to the shortlist and flag candidates that have other interviews or feature as the standout applicant aka "Recruiters Pick 🏆 "
Talent Dashboards take your shortlist review to a whole new level, giving your everything you need in one place.
You and your team can interact with our shortlist with likes, comments, callback and interview requests, which notifies us in real-time as you do!

We make it easy to get your interview process moving, which in today's market, speed and accuracy of delivery are essential. ​

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