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Enabling Success in Medtech: What Employees Need from Their Employers to Thrive

Posted on 10 April 2024

In the fast-paced world of Medtech, which encompasses sales, marketing, and leadership roles, success often hinges on more than just technical skills and industry knowledge.

Employees in these roles face a unique blend of intensity, responsibility, reward and the grind of demanding targets and competitive landscapes.

In particular, last year, who can say they didn’t receive a significant double-digit increase in their quota?

This is expected to be achieved with fewer team members, vacant roles for longer, and a squeeze from the customer side for reimbursements hitting pricing.

It is no surprise then to hear that some veterans of orthopaedics, trauma and spine openly express to us their desires to pursue other specialties or leave the industry altogether.

Some employers appear to use a revolving door approach ( not by design but by adopting a sub-optimal, very reactive process, only in “talent acquisition mode when hiring” ).

This must deter top talent from seeking out or recognising the best opportunity with them and selecting other medtech firms to challenge and reward them.


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In the market today, it’s a two-way street.
So, what do Medtech professionals need from their employers to thrive in their roles?

Let's explore:

1.        Clear Expectations and Goals:


·      Clarity is key in Medtech sales, marketing, and leadership roles.

·      Employees need clear expectations and goals to guide their efforts and measure success.

·      Clearly defined goals provide direction and motivation, Whether sales targets, marketing objectives, or leadership initiatives.

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2.        Access to Resources and Tools:


·      Success in Medtech often requires access to cutting-edge technology, market insights, and industry resources.

·      Employers must provide their teams with the tools and resources they need to stay ahead of the competition and deliver results. Sadly, judging by “feedback” received from those working for lesser-equipped businesses, Excel spreadsheets no longer cut the mustard in this area.

·      From CRM software to market research reports, investing in resources empowers employees to perform at their best.

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3.        Open Communication and Feedback:


·      Effective communication is essential in Medtech, where collaboration across departments and teams is critical.

·      Employers should foster a culture of open communication where employees feel comfortable sharing ideas, feedback, and concerns.

·      Constructive feedback and regular check-ins help employees stay aligned with organisational goals and make continuous improvements.

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4.        Recognition and Appreciation:


·      Recognition and appreciation greatly boost morale and motivation in a high-pressure environment like Medtech.

·      Employers should actively show appreciation for their employees' hard work and dedication by acknowledging a successful sales pitch, celebrating a marketing campaign's success, or recognising leadership achievements

·      A telling question we ask candidates is, “Do you feel valued?” The answers vary widely; if neutral or negative, it’s a clear signal of future intent to change. Or indicates drivers for switching on employers to action and keep one step ahead.

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5.        Opportunities for Growth and Development:

·      Medtech professionals are constantly evolving, and employers must provide opportunities for growth and development.

·      Whether training programs to enhance sales techniques, workshops on the latest marketing trends, or leadership development initiatives, investing in employees' professional growth strengthens the organisation and cultivates future leaders.

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6.        Work-Life Balance:


·      Balancing the demands of a career in Medtech with personal life can be challenging. A healthy work-life balance improves employee well-being and enhances productivity and job satisfaction.

·      Employers should prioritise work-life balance by offering flexible work arrangements, promoting wellness initiatives, and encouraging employees to take time off when needed.

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Success in Medtech sales, marketing, and leadership roles requires a supportive and empowering work environment.

By understanding and addressing employees' needs, employers can create a workplace where professionals thrive and excel.

Whether it's setting clear expectations, providing access to resources, fostering open communication, or offering opportunities for growth.

Investing in employees' success is essential for the long-term success of both individuals and organisations in the dynamic world of Medtech.​

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