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Hiring For the New Year? Start Now to Avoid Disappointment

Posted on 18 December 2023

The festive season is upon us. True to nature, many of us will be winding down the day-to-day business activities, including hitting pause on recruiting for those all-important roles. While December is not a great month to launch a fresh new recruitment campaign, contrary to the usual practice of postponing recruitment processes into the second half of January, December is an excellent time to continue some of your behind-the-scenes talent acquisition work; it presents you with a prime opportunity to be proactive and attract some of the industry’s best talent as you enter the new year.

So, what are the benefits, and how do you go about successfully hiring in January? Let’s dig into this a little further.

The benefits of preparing now for hiring in January

Preparation is key written on a notebook.

There are various benefits of getting the ball rolling on this side of the year, including the following, to name a few.

  • A decrease in competition.

  • Access to the best recruiters early enabling you to get the initial steps of the process underway and out the way so you can focus on the interviews, shortlisting, and hiring in January.

  • You get a head start. Why wait for the hiring rush in January when you can hit the ground running in January?

  • Remember, we live in a world rich in diverse cultures and religions. Hence, it is a given that not everyone celebrates Christmas and takes time off.

  • It’s faster and cheaper. A decrease in workload allows you to focus on your recruitment strategy and value propositions.

So, with so many benefits to keeping the recruitment ball rolling during the holiday season, how do you supercharge your recruitment strategy in December?

Below are a few tips to get you started.

Four strategies for successfully hiring in January

Recruitment strategy, execution and success

1. Up your social media game

More free time equals more hands-on phones. Social media usage increases during the holiday season. From messages to families to posting festive photos on Instagram, social media usage is at an all-time high!

So, as part of the preparation stage of your recruitment strategy, ensure you include the usage of social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook to maintain a presence throughout the holiday season. Why? Because now is a better time than ever to be seen by potential candidates.

2. Apply a marketing approach to recruitment.

Following on from the point above, take the festive season as an opportunity to prepare. Upgrade your employer brand and implement marketing strategies to boost your recruitment efforts. Now is the time to invest in building the career site/page you’ve always wanted to, using branded social media channels, and creating recruitment video content.

3. Tap into a new pool of candidates.

There’s no better time than now to try something new!

Take advantage of the little bit of freed-up time you have to focus on carefully selecting quality, qualified candidates instead of attracting as many as possible - only to find none of them to be suitable. One way to do this is to readjust your talent acquisition strategy to work with a recruitment agency that focuses on selection – such as DukeMed.

4. Book a discovery call with a recruiter

One of the simplest ways to kickstart your hiring process is to plan ahead and for this often two heads are better than one. As step one, book a discovery call with a recruiter to nut out

  • exactly what you are seeking in a potential candidate,

  • work on your employer value proposition (EVP) and

  • determine the next steps forward.


Get a head start with DukeMed.

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In a nutshell, to avoid disappointment, if you want to hire quality candidates at the beginning of next year, you need to begin your planning and prep now so you can successfully hire a quality candidate for the role.

To get started, book a discovery call with us today.

We’ve taken our 20+ years of experience in the MedTech recruitment industry to create a tailored search solution that enables us to work proactively alongside you to

  • Lower the risk of bad hires.

  • Find you the best candidate and not the fastest applicant.

  • Find candidates with the skill sets for those hard-to-hire positions.

  • Save you time and money.

  • Customise our approach to provide a relevant talent pool to select from.

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