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New Year, New Career: 5 Tips to Successfully Transition

Posted on 29 November 2023

​As we get closer to the end of this year and the beginning of the new year, reflections and resolutions are on our minds. A career change is often one that’s on the list. 

So, if the thought of a new career in the new year is mulling on your mind, here are five tips to successfully guide you through the transition. 


1. Take a moment to reflect on why

White figure considering why

If a career change is on your mind, there will be a reason - why. Take a moment to think about why you wish for this change. Is it because you don’t like your job? Or are you looking for a new challenge? Whatever it may be, your goal should be to walk towards something you love that aligns with your career goals, values, and priorities. 

2. Start planning ahead

Time to plan written inside a clock

Once you know your why, start planning. For instance:

 - Set yourself SMART goals.

 - Create a schedule that will keep you accountable.

 - Update your resume. 

 - Save and ensure that you have at least six months of living expenses in your account if you plan to quit prior to receiving a job offer. 


3. Open doors for opportunities through networking

networking online

Proactively direct opportunities in your direction through actively networking and letting employers know that you are seeking a new career. How do you do this? 

 - Update your LinkedIn profile status to open to opportunities. 

 - Connect and send messages to professionals within the industry you seek employment to let them know you’re available. 

 - Meet industry professionals at networking events. 

 - If you are keen to get your foot in the door at a particular company, contact them directly to see if they have any upcoming opportunities. 


4. Boost your skills through training.

Online training on a tablet

Lifelong learning is essential for both personal and professional growth. Thankfully, in this era of digitisation, boosting your skills has never been easier. Through self-guided online training and webinars, you can learn and train in your own time at your own pace. 

Now is a better time than ever to sign up for an online course to give you that little extra edge to stand out from the crowd. 


5. Consider a mentor

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Remember, you don’t have to navigate the steps toward transitioning into a new career alone. You can turn to a career coach and mentor for help. In some instances, this may be an industry professional who can provide you with insider knowledge, tips, and advice. 


Start your journey toward a career transition today.

A person crossing the start line

If, after careful consideration, you are 100% sure of transitioning into a new career in the new year, you need to get the ball rolling today. 

Set some goals, learn what you need to, and start connecting with people who can help. 

If you’re looking for guidance to help get some clarity to propel you forward in the right direction -  call us today. In the meantime, drop us your CV, and as soon as a suitable opportunity arises, we’ll be in touch with you. 

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