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Top three criterias when deciding between job offers

Posted on 16 February 2023

So, you’ve been busy applying to jobs, and hey, you now have multiple job offers on the table! Sounds like a dream, right? After all, two job offers are better than none. But the truth is - multiple job offers can make it hard for you to decide. So, how do you make the right choice? 

To help you decide and choose between multiple job offers, we’ve put together the top three criteria you need to consider. 


1.    Consider how each job aligns with your career and personal goals

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It’s time to weigh the pros and cons. You may have already considered whether the job role aligns with your career and lifestyle goals when applying to the position. But, often, in the eagerness to knock out as many job applications as possible, it's likely you may have missed this. 

So, while your initial concentration may have been on what you can do for the company, now is the time to pause and focus on what each company can do for you. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does this job align with my career goals? 

  • Does the job offer the flexibility I am looking for? 

  • Will I enjoy the day-to-day tasks?

  • Does it align with my values?

  • Is there an opportunity for growth? 

  • Does the salary meet my expectations? 

These are just a few of the questions you can ask yourself. Remember, when you sit down to consider your options, think long-term. You may wish to look at things from the lens of the career goals you want to achieve. Alternatively, you may think about the personal satisfaction and the flexibility the role offers, which fits your lifestyle values and goals. 


2.    Assess the corporate culture and people

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Let’s face it we spend more hours at work and with our colleagues than at home with our family. Even with the new hybrid and work-from-home models in place post-COVID-19, corporate culture and the people we work with can affect our day-to-day lives. 

Hiring managers may have already assessed whether you’d make a good team player and fit the organisation’s culture. Now it’s your turn to turn the table around and decide if the company and its people are a good fit for you. 


To avoid the disappointment of entering a toxic work environment, consider the following: 

  • The values and mission of the company.

  • How the company supports its staff. For example, maternity and paternity leave and pay, parental support, and so on. 

  • What is your direct manager like, and what are their skills? 

  • Look into the company’s staff reviews to see what past and existing staff have to say.

While you can’t get a real feel until you join a company, taking into consideration some of the above sets you off on the right track toward accepting the offer that most suits you and your vision. 



3.    Trust your gut

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There is a reason why it’s called the ‘gut instinct’ and why the gut is often right. After all, you know yourself better than anyone else. It’s time to trust yourself and go with what feels right to you. This might mean choosing the one that would lead to a pay cut, but everything inside you may be saying this is the one. 

Sometimes, the gut instinct doesn’t kick in until you join a company and spend a day there.


Need a little help? 

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Some decisions are made easier by talking to someone. So, if you’ve found yourself at a career crossroads, whether that’s deciding upon two very tempting offers or you’re considering a whole new direction, get in touch today. 

At DukeMed, we've built our business around conversations. And sometimes, a conversation is all you need. 

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