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5 powerful benefits of working with a new recruiter

Posted on 27 February 2023

So, it’s that time of the year, and your recruitment drive is in full swing! But there’s only one glitch – the recruiter you’ve been working with no longer delivers the quality and bang for the buck they once did.

Alternatively, you might find that your usual strategy of utilising the traditional advertising practices on multiple job boards is no longer bringing you the quality of candidates you seek. 

Whichever scenario you’re finding yourself in, now might be a good time to consider scouting for a new recruiter to give your recruitment strategy the boost it needs. 


Five benefits of working with a new recruiter


1. They know the recruitment market like nobody else

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Let’s put the most obvious reason first. Finding the ideal candidate for a role is a recruiter’s primary duty. It’s their passion, and they constantly work to improve their skills and knowledge to do their job well. They are specialists in their field!


2. Recruiters have a broader reach of the best candidates

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With the time and resources they have, recruiters can find candidates you generally can't. And as you begin to work with a new recruiter, you’ll find that they can bring a broader range of candidates to your attention. Those that would otherwise have gone a miss. They can also reach out to individuals, have conversations and spot every red flag that you may otherwise overlook.


3. Working with the right recruiter is cost-effective

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If you’re experiencing a high staff turnover, now may be the right time to consider contacting a recruiter. Hiring the wrong person will not only cost you money but will also result in the

  • loss of time,

  • resources,

  • staff morale,

  • knowledge,

  • and opportunities.


Whether this is your first time or you’ve worked with a recruiter that hasn’t provided you with the quality of candidates you hoped for, considering a new recruiter is beneficial in the long run.


4. Recruiters have tailored processes in place

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After gathering all the information, they need from you and with the knowledge of current industry trends, expert recruiters identify suitable approaches and questions. Through rigorous screening processes and in-depth conversations, they filter out and only put forward candidates at the top of their game and prove to be a suitable match for you.


5. They are there with you until the end and beyond

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Professional recruitment consultants not only work to find you the ideal candidate, but they also help you prepare for the interview. Ensuring you don’t miss anything crucial. Once you find the one, they will help you make that all-important offer and help you navigate and negotiate a fair deal with their wealth of experience in handling such situations.


We’re not done yet! Most companies think the process is complete once the candidate accepts the offer. In turn, they lose new staff by failing to onboard the new employee correctly and integrate them into the team. The right recruitment consultant can help you rectify this process.


Why choose DukeMed

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Now that we’ve run through some of the benefits of considering a new recruiter, here are some reasons why you should consider choosing DukeMed to do the recruitment leg work. 


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1. We save you time

Our candidates undergo rigorous screening to ensure they’re at the top of their game. We carry out networking, in-depth interviews, and careful reference checks.

So, when we put a candidate forward, you know they have the qualifications, abilities, and focus on fitting the bill. In turn, saving you a bucket load of time so you can get on with your daily priorities. 


2. A large network of the industry’s top talent

With a pool of the MedTech industry’s top talent amassed over 20 years and constantly growing with fresh new talent, we remove your pain of finding qualified, relevant talent in a sea of job seekers. 


3. Bespoke blog and video content

At DukeMed, we believe in the power of good marketing. Thus with us, you will benefit from tailored blogs, automatically published and reshared social posts, and job ads via our use of Paiger to help you attract the right candidates faster. Our support doesn’t end here. To further boost your recruitment drive, we will also work with you to create a video promoting the role to publish on Seek. And from here on, we use email automation to engage and nurture potential candidates.


4. Efficient interview process with digital shortlisting 

Our talent dashboard takes your shortlist review to a new level, giving you everything you need in one place. You and your team can interact with our shortlist with likes, comments, call-back, and interview requests, which notifies us in real-time as you do!

The Talent Dashboard will highlight our shortlisted candidates.

  • Videos interviews,

  • resumes, 

  • salary info, 

  • notice period, 

  • references, and

  • any other documents you want us to include eg Covid Certs.


By shortlisting the shortlist, you save time by only inviting the two or three candidates the closely tick all your boxes. What’s more, by integrating your whole team, you can avoid any disappointment of a difference in opinion.

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5. Easier, faster decision-making with automated referencing

With DukeMed’s automated referencing system, you can save time, hire better candidates, and increase employee retention rates. By requesting a digital reference and receiving feedback within 24 hours ( average ), you no longer have to wait days to reference-check the perfect candidate. 


6. Retain top talent with onboarding support.

We work together with you every step of the way to ensure that both you and the candidate get what you want from this new opportunity. From helping you tailor an offer that’s too good to resist to help you integrate them into the team. 


7. Trust is a must

At DukeMed, we do all that we do with the utmost integrity, reliability, and honesty. For us, recruitment isn’t just about recruiting. It’s about building a relationship of trust. We believe open communication can lead to a great business relationship. And the more we work together, the better it gets. To top it off, at DukeMed, we only work on a select few recruitment jobs at a time, so you are guaranteed full dedication all the way. But hey, don’t just take our word for it! Check out the reviews for yourself.

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So, if you’re currently on the recruitment drive and wish to fill the positions with top talent while saving time, get in touch today.


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