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DukeMed: reflecting on 2022

Posted on 31 December 2022

And so, another year is coming to an end. As we fast approach the tail end of 2022 and gear up for a fresh new year ahead, it’s good practice to pause and reflect on the rewarding moments of the year gone by.

After all, we get so busy with everyday life we often get caught up in the doing and forget to celebrate the wins. 

So, without further ado, here’s a quick reflection on the year that’s been and what’s to come.  

2022 – the wins 

1.      Reaping the fruits of hard labour

The most important win of this year is having successfully completed one year in business. I am finally starting to see the fruits of my hard labour from year one begin to take shape and blossom in year two. 

DukeMed continues to place candidates into their dream roles and help businesses hire better and more efficiently. In turn, I’ve been able to level up the quality of the service by investing back in the business with tools such as Sourcewhale and Paiger.co to provide a more proactive, streamlined, and efficient service. 


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2.      Automated workflow to keep things moving


DukeMed is all about embracing up-to-date technology. From

  •  video messaging

  • digital shortlisting

  •  automated referencing to

  • calendly for meetings

  • Ai marketing and content management 


Case study on video interviewing

While this makes life easier for candidates and hiring managers during the job search and recruitment process, it’s been a blessing when it comes to keeping the ball moving when I’ve been on annual leave or juggling the school/ daycare sickness loop! 


3.      Personal and family time

Last but not least, as DukeMed set foot into its second year in 2022, certain processes fell into place, requiring much less hands-on time. In turn – more time with the family! This has been priceless, especially as I see the children grow, develop their own personalities, and have the opportunity to enjoy activities with them - As opposed to hearing about their day. 

Family time at the beach


Looking forward to 2023 

As we fast approach 2023, I have a few exciting prospects on the horizon – both personally and professionally. There are some fantastic MedTech career opportunities up for grabs. So, if you’re a candidate looking for a new role in

  •  Medical devices

  • Orthopaedics and spine 

  • Surgical sales 

then stay tuned as I bring you updates via the DukeMed LinkedIn page! 

On the flip side, I’m looking forward to working with a few new companies (names of which I cannot currently disclose) and helping them achieve their recruitment goals. 

On a more personal note, there’s going to be more family time, with family from the UK visiting in January. Having just brought a new pizza oven, I’m sure I’ll be cooking up plenty of Neopolitan pizza – so watch this space for updates and (if you’re lucky) demonstrations! 

Finally, I’ve entered a stage race which will be an adrenaline-pumping transalpine 21,000m decent for 8,000m of climbing six-day race on two wheels! With that, I’m looking forward to another border crossing trip from the alps to the sea with old and new friends and will be sure to provide live updates on my LinkedIn page. 


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Kickstart your 2023 with DukeMed

While we're all systems go here at DukeMed for the new year, if you’re planning to seek a new opportunity, transition into medical sales, or hire the perfect talent in the new year, jump into my Calendly to arrange a chat!

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