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Is January a good time to get hired? Discover the answer

Posted on 28 November 2022

If you’re on the job hunt, here’s some good news – January and February are the best times of the year to get hired! So, if you hope to kick-start the new year with a new career, it’s time to tidy up that resume and get applying. 


But, for those of you who are curious why January is a good time to get hired, let’s get some answers. 


Why is January a good time to get hired? 


Every industry and every opportunity is different. So, while there is no universal rule that guarantees the best time to get a new job, many experts and some data suggest that job searches and listings spike in January. 

So why is January a good time to find a new job? 


1.    The new year brings with it new hope.

After a quiet holiday period, mentally and emotionally, it feels right to start something new in the new year. It’s all about a fresh new start. Employers are in positive spirits and are more likely to look through your resume. 

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2.    Clearer mindset and schedules

The beginning of the year generally starts slow, with no major project deadlines and some staff still on leave. Thus, giving employers more time to sieve through the pile of resumes with a clear mindset and no project deadlines to bog them down. 


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3.    New year, new budgets.

While in Australia, the financial year is from June to June, some companies allocate new budgets for the beginning of the year for the purpose of recruitment. 


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4.    Employers need to fill the gap.

Christmas and the new year bring with them the end of the old and the start of something new. So, while you might be hoping for that new opportunity to arise in January, many employees hand in their resignations in December – which is the best time for you to apply. With empty seats, everybody can feel the absence as the pressure to keep up with responsibilities begins to rise by mid-January. So, managers will be keen to hire. 


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Strike while the iron is hot

While January is a great time to get hired, let’s not forget that competition will be high. So, to strike while the iron is hot, you should 


·        Prepare and update your resume to reflect your skills and experience in line with the type of job and industry you want to work in next. 


·        Begin your search and apply to jobs in November and December for your chance at a new career in January. 


·        Start networking. With several office parties and events, Christmas is a great time to start networking. If parties and events aren’t your thing, jump onto LinkedIn and start connecting. LinkedIn offers ample opportunity to not only grow your professional network but also to be recognised. So, update your profile, connect with industry professionals, and maybe send a message to enquire about any upcoming opportunities. 


·        Go out on a high! By this, I mean now that you’ve had a fantastic year and received the bonus, move on to the next big opportunity. Instead of going through the motions of applying to job after job and waiting for a result, contact a recruiter and let them know you’re seeking a new role. What are the pros?

- Well, for starters you’ll be on top of their list come January, so you’ll get first dibs at the new jobs available.

- Also, why chase opportunities and get lost in a pile, when you can let the opportunity come to you?


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Need a helping hand? 

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